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18 Months to 2 years


In the Busy Bee classroom, young minds will learn:


• Improving coordination

• At least 20 minutes of daily readings

• Music

• Introduction to different cultures

• Recognizing numbers

• Introducing shapes

• Introducion to colors

• Learning our body parts (eyes, nose,

  mouth, etc.)

•ᅠUnderstanding simple directions

• Exploring memory (nursery rhymes)

• Using our bodies to lift, bend, and reach

•ᅠStrengthening our grip by holding a crayon

  (this promotes writing)

• Socializing with our peers outside and


• Learning to be polite (saying "please" and

  "thank you"

• Promotion of healthy eating

3-4 year olds


In the Bear Cubs classroom, young minds will learn:


• Exploring Learning to ignore distractions, and

  focus on the task at hand

Learning to be more creative when solving


• Communicating in simple sentences and

  refining use of grammar

• Begin to initiate conversations

• Learning to listen and understand

  conversations, stories, songs, and poems

• Becoming aware of the uses for writing and

  dictating words to write down

• Starting to recognize "same" ᅠvs. "different"

• Recognizing "0" to "9"

• Improve the ability to run, climb and perform

  large muscle activities




5-6 year olds


In the Honey Bears classroom, young minds will learn:


4 year olds in the Honey Bear room will learn:


• Developing greater self-control and ingenuity

• Trying new experiences

• Being more self-reliant

• Learn to be independent decision makers

• Learn to expand their vocabularies day by day

• Learn multi-step directions

• Learn days of the week, months, and seasons

• They will learn finger dexterity, by playing with

   toys that have smaller parts




Learn through play

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Our Classroom

Team teaching and low ratios allow HG Learning Academy's highly experienced teachers ᅠthe opportunity to bond with each child and give individual attention.


Our teachers focus onᅠeach child's individual learning styles to provide the best educational and developmentally appropriate experiences possible.ᅠHG Learning Academy is committed to excellence in teaching and promotes continuing education for teachers.


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www.hglearningacademy.com • Email: hglearningacademy@gmail.com